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Основной постик

Правила чата: http://33dch.blogspot.ru/2013/04/rules.html

Tips and tricks

  1. Good old 3ds max.
  2. Associate different .avi player for 3dsmax 
  3. 101 Things you didnt know in 3DS Max ...in fact, it's 104 things!
  4. Nitrous Set Texture Size Limit ( 3ds max script)
  5. How to enlarge penis the frame of a camera without altering the perspective
  6. How to make imported weird looking Solid Works models looks good and make them editable as well

  1. Roof pattern modelling (by EvilDarkSatan)

Arnold renderer
  1. Faked bump
  2. Procedural screw thread ( by Leva Leva)
  3. Krakatoa-frost isosurfaces (by EvilDarkSatan)

Renderers comparison
  1. Great sequence player (djv-0.8.3-pre2_winxp-x64.zip)

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